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21-23 April 2020 Moscow, IEC Expocentre Participate

International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens

Product Groups Techtextil Russia

пряжа и синтю нити-восстановлено

Fibres and yarns

  • Man-made fibres and yarns; 
  • Glass fibres, yarns and rovings; 
  • Metal yarns;
  • Natural fibres; 
  • Other fibres and yarns; 
  • Monofilaments
технический текстиль

Technical Textiles

  • Woven fabrics; 
  • Laid webs; 
  • Braidings; 
  • Knitted fabrics; 
  • Tapes, strings, cords; 
  • Belts, ropes, cordage; 
  • Nets; 
  • Textile bonding systems; 
  • Membranes; 
  • Multi-Layered Composites
нетканные материалы


  • Batting;
  • Sintepon;
  • Spunbond;
  • Spunlace;
  • Tyvek;
  • Thinsulate;
  • Topsfil;
  • Izosoft;
  • Felt;
  • Holofiber

Coated textiles

  • Coated textiles; 
  • Laminated textiles; 
  • Tent fabrics; 
  • Packaging materials, sacking; 
  • Tarpaulin fabrics; 
  • Awning material; 
  • End-product manufacturing;
  • Accessories; 
  • Imitation leather


  • Reinforcing textiles, 
  • Composite textiles, 
  • Prepregs, structural components and mouldings, 
  • Fibrereinforced materials, 
  • Membrane systems, 
  • Films and sheeting, 
  • Textile reinforced plastic and concrete parts, 
  • Piping and containers
Оборудование (2)

Technology, processes and accessories

  • Production processes; 
  • Finishing technology; 
  • Machinery for fabric manufacturing; 
  • Coating equipment; 
  • Laminating and coating equipment; 
  • Other machinery and equipments; 
  • Control and monitoring methods; 
  • Recycling technology; 
  • Technical accessories; 
  • Laboratory and measuring equipment;
  •  Quality assurance; 
  • Nanotechnology
технологии склеивания


  • Finishing processes; 
  • Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials;
  • Laminating and coating materials; 
  • Raw materials and additives; 
  • Application processing; 
  • Material pre-treatment; 
  • Plastics and other hardening masses; 
  • Adhesive mixing and application equipment, 
  • Surface treatment technologies; 
  • Plasma treatment
спец одежда

Special and protective clothing

средства индивидуальной защиты

Means of individual protection


Research, development, planning and consultancy

  • International institutions; 
  • National research institutes; 
  • Universities and polytechnics; 
  • Industrial research centres; 
  • Planning and consulting companies; 
  • Services






In 2019

9 012 unique specialists from 32 countries

Participation in Techtextil Russia

  • The only specialized exhibition in the CIS
  • 9012 potential customers in 4 days
  • Professional audience
  • Direct contact with a potential client

This is not the first time we are participating in Techtextil Russia. Taking advantages of the trade fair opportunities we every time succeed in finding new customers!

Michael Michalsky

We are confident that this is the main exhibition of nonwovens. That's why we're here!

Kobe Interior Design

We know this exhibition, but we participate for the first time. We are very happy to be here - this is our profile exhibition.There is an opportunity to show themselves, to show production. New customers - is the development of any enterprise, and we are focused on the development


I can say that it is a good exhibition for us. There have been several meetings and we have new contacts. Most of the people who are visitors to this exhibition are in search of technologies that we can offer

Фото Синтекс

A great event, where a large number of manufacturers of chemical raw materials, textile fabrics and equipment. Every year we have the opportunity to meet regularly with customers from distant regions"

ивановоискож Мусатова М.А.

How it was: video of Techtextil Russia 2019

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