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Techtextil Russia hosted a panel discussion: “Technical innovations and smart materials in fashion industry”

Apr 2, 2018

On March 22nd, Techtextil Russia hosted a specialized event organized by Messe Frankfurt RUS and supported by Russian Fashion Council – Panel discussion: “Technical innovations and smart materials in fashion industry”. The discussion subjects included a variety of totally new and challenging topics of the industry, and allowed speakers not only to cover some basic issues but also try to find out their practical application, i.e.:

·        How can new materials and technologies change the world?

·        What is the role of fashion in technology growth?

·        What is the linking element between a designed and a researcher? etc.


Speakers list comprised Julia Dalakian, Designer, Ruslan Titov, Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP) RUSNANO, Deputy General Director, Artur Boyarov, Russian OUTDOOR Association, Yury Efremov, Technologies and textiles, OOO, Director. Discussion program, apart from extensive speakers’ presentations, was contributed by the show of Snezhana Paderina, designer and winner of Fashion Futurum Accelerator 2017. Snezhana presented her collection which items include 3D printed elements made of biodegradable plastics.

The event was moderated by Andrei Deyneko, Russian Fashion Council, Head of Research. Andrei positively assessed the event and told us more about its key idea. “Our goal was to create more or less realistic model of interaction between key fashion industry players. We invited to the fairgrounds prominent designers. One of them is Julia Dalakian, a classical school designer with very traditional, even conservative, attitude, who is more than 20 years in the market, and is recognized to be one of the most successful designers.  We also welcomed a young designer, winner of Fashion Futurum Accelerator 2017, Snezhana Paderina. In her work, Snezhana, quite the opposite, is focusing on high-technologies trying to reveal new areas and developing her own innovative strategy.

We also attracted representatives of production capacities, in particular Russian OUTDOOR Association – producers of functional apparel - who became a practical implementation “platform” of our discussion. Besides, we learned a story of a company breaking into the market by means of online trading – “Technologies and Textiles” company.

Each of the discussion participants acted their own role for all of us to reach the initial goal of the event- create functional and practical dialogue of very different, but united by the same ambitious goal, parties. We are here to make this dialogue more open, more direct and comprehensive for all the parties, and I believe, we managed to do so.

We are very satisfied with the results of the Panel discussion, and agreements reached.   Designers, for example, defined precise and quite detailed expectations from producers and production capacities, requirements and limits materials may impose on the business. On the other hand, producers highlighted key requirements important for designers as well, i.e. materials peculiarities (in particular, innovative materials), production technologies, etc., as this knowledge will allow designers to build efficient business models and become successful not as artists only, but also as businessmen”.

The most prominent result of the event is that all participants are satisfied with its results, as we managed to work out a certain basis for future prospects, and we will try to support and implement it. This is exactly what we do at the platform of Fashion Futurum – we give young and talented designers opportunity to learn, to practice, and to review their work from a different perspective. We want them to be not only proactive listeners, but also direct players of the market to build up an industry of the future” – concluded Andrei.